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Széchenyi 2020


  • Production of various high-quality porcelain and ceramic products tailored to our customers’ needs.

  • Small and medium scale contract manufacturing (from design to firing).

  • Custom painting of finished giftware products decorated with the traditional Kalocsa pattern or other motifs.

  • Common product development and go to market strategy & implementation.

  • Manufacturing for designers and artists.

  • Producing unique packaging objects made of porcelain and ceramic with special marketing message.
  • Serving unique customer needs: labeling, monograms, development of unique shapes and patterns.

  • Production and decoration of giftware products, chalices, goblets, prizes, medals, plaques.

  • Production of unique corporate and business gifts.

  • Production of framed wall pictures made of porcelain.

  • Hand painted wall decoration with the traditional Kalocsa pattern.

  • Production of handmade tiled stoves.