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Széchenyi 2020

Our history

The Kalocsa Porcelain Manufacture has been producing high-quality, richly decorated, hand-painted porcelain products since 1971 preserving the several hundred years old traditions and colourful folklore of the Kalocsa-region that is so beautifully combined with the art of porcelain painting.

Since 1994, the manufacture is owned by its workers. In 1996, separate from painting, we have expanded to the manufacturing of porcelain and now the majority of our products are manufactured here (all of the giftwares are manufactured in Kalocsa). Now 25 people work at the manufacture.

The main advantage of our manufacture is that we are able to serve the unique needs of our individual customers or even our business partners thanks to the flexible company structure. In case of corporate customers the quick decision making process and the close cooperation guarantee the success of small and medium scale contract manufacturing, common product development and market implementation. Furthermore we are dealing with custom manufacturing, painting and design works as there is no limit for using of porcelain products (unique packing material with a special marketing message, corporate gifts, prices, medals, plaques).

For individual customers we offer labeling, personalized decorations and monograms on finished products. As a result of our predictable and planned production there is always opportunity for a later supplement.

In order to produce high-quality porcelain products from „the most noble material” of ceramic industry – besides commodities and equipments – we have the most important factor, the outstanding knowledge of our porcelain painters: handpainting and the many years of professional experience, our biggest value ever.