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Széchenyi 2020

The history of „the Kalocsa pattern”

Our expert painters bring to life the distinguished Kalocsa style with the gentle stroke of a brush. The patterns evolved after the opening of a nearby thread factory in 1912. The various colours of threads were taken over later by walldecoration and porcelainpainting. We distinguish three kinds of different Kalocsa patterns that are very similar to each other except for use of the colours: Kalocsa Traditional, Kalocsa Modest and Kalocsa Blue.

Concerning the motives, the unique “Kalocsa pattern” uses the stylized shape of wildflowers such as forget-me-not, carnation, cornflower, lilac, daisy, pansy. The disposition of flowers, filling of surfaces and  representation of nature by folk art are always the same.

The clothes of the youth generation were usually decorated with the Kalocsa Traditonal pattern, the Kalocsa Blue using only the shades of blue was for home wear. The Kalocsa Modest pattern can be marked by not using the shadows of red and light yellow and paprika as a motive.

Further more you can find a wide range of patterns in our portfolio (Kalocsa Hunter Superior, Kalocsa Butterfly Collection, Kalocsa Blue, Kalocsa Modest, etc.).