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Széchenyi 2020

Visit our factory

Would you like to visit the Kalocsa Porcelain Manufacture and peer into the special world of porcelain production and painting? You are more than welcome.

In the Kalocsa Porcelain Manufacture our visitors can watch and follow every angle of the production of the porcelain from the pouring of the molds to the firing in the kilns. We present you the pouring of the porcelain, its cleaning, and how the glaze is applied. If you feel like trying out the process you can find out how liquid plaster becomes a slim vase or a tiny slipper. Continuing through the production you can have a peek at how our expert painters bring to life the distinguished Kalocsa style with the gentle stroke of a brush.

At the end of the tour we present you with the final firing of the porcelain. Afterwards you can see all of our products on display and shop on discount prices.

Length of tour: 40-50 minutes. Tours are available in Hungarian, English, German and Italian.