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Terms and Conditions





The registration serves the purpose of providing newsletters and promotions. When registering, please provide the following information:


E-mail address:




Last name:


First Name:






The data provided during your registration are handled by Kalocsai Porcelánfestő Kft. (Reg. No.03-09-103066, seat: H-6300 Kalocsa, Malatin tér 5, VAT number: 11036973-2-03). Kalocsai Porcelánfestő Kft. manages the personal data of the registered visitors only in connection with order handling, online sales activities, newsletters and information on current actions, in accordance with current legislation.


Kalocsai Porcelánfestő Kft. as data controller will handle the data of the registered person as long as the registration is active. At the registered person's request, the relevant data will be deleted. Please send an e-mail to the [*] email address. The cancellation will take place within 24 hours after the next working day following the start of the cancellation request.


By signing up you agree to the above conditions.


According to the legal provisions in force at the request of the person concerned the data controller shall provide information on the data processed by the data controller or by a data processor entrusted by data controller, their sources, as well as the purpose, the legal basis and the duration of the data processing, the data processor's name and address and its activity related to data management, moreover on the circumstances and effects of the data protection incident and the measures taken to troubleshooting, and, in the case of transmission of the personal data of the person concerned, the legal basis and the addressee of the transfer.


(Act CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information)






No registration is needed for ordering our products. For online ordering and delivery, however, it is necessary to provide your name (business name), email address, phone number, address, in case of organization the headquarters (and delivery address, if different from address / headquarters address). We will contact you after your order. We will notify you within 2 business days of the expected delivery time in writing or by phone. Some product families may have a delay in the manufacturing process, delivery, or for other reasons. We will notify you in writing. If in this case you do not want to proceed with your order, please notify us in writing at the same time with the order.


Payment options


The prices of our products include VAT.


- On receipt of the goods by cash,


- via bank transfer,


- online with credit card,


-    by advanced bank transfer.



Receipt of the goods


Receipt of the goods can take place in two ways:


- After notice, in the shop at the address of H-6300 Kalocsa, Malatin Square number 5, the ordered product(s) can be picked up personally. Opening hours: Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.


In case of personal receipt, you have the opportunity to review the products individually and check their integrity.


In the case of home delivery, the delivery fee is subject to UPS's current applicable tariffs up to the order value of 50,000 HUF.


For a value above 50,000 HUF, the delivery is free of charge.


In the unexpected case where a product is broken or defective, please do not accept it. In this case, we will try to substitute it as soon as possible.




Only sign the forwarder's document if the ordered product has arrived intact and complete. We will not be able to accept the complaint after signing the document.



Delivery abroad:


The product ordered from the webshop will be delivered to your home after consultation by e-mail.


The time and exact cost of the delivery will be communicated by e-mail after ordering.


The mandatory warranty for our products is governed by the provisions of the Government Decree 151/2003 (IX.22).


The warranty claim can only be enforced with the invoice!


The warranty claim can not be enforced if the defect is caused by improper use or use not in accordance with the instructions, incorrect shipping or storage. Seller's warranty and guarantee liability is regulated by the Civil Code and the 19/2014. (IV.29.) Decree of the Hungarian Ministry of National Economy.




Rights of consumers are governed by the 45/2014. Government Decree, in summary:


The consumer is entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal can be exercised within 8 business days (or 14 calendar days)


  • after receipt of the product,
  • or in case of service after the conclusion of the contract.


In the event of withdrawal it is sufficient to send the withdrawal statement to the service provider within 8 working days. The buyer may withdraw the purchase without financial consequences if the product can be returned in its original condition. In the event of damage to the product, the buyer shall be liable to the Service Provider. The value of the goods and the costs related to the order shall be refunded by "Hollóháza Manufaktúra Kft." within 30 days, the cost of the return of the product shall be borne by the buyer in this case.



The withdrawal may take place:


  • by phone: [*]
  • personally: H-6300 Kalocsa, Malatin tér 5.
  • in writing: H-6300 Kalocsa, Malatin tér 5.
  • or by e-mail: [*]




Seat of the company:

Hungary (HU) 6300 Kalocsa, Malatin tér 5.


Place of complaint administration:

Hungary (HU) 6300 Kalocsa, Malatin tér 5.


Telephone: [*];

Internet: [*];

E-mail: [*]


In the case of consumer dispute, the consumer may contact the conciliation board responsible for his / her place of residence.


In accordance with the section 17 / A § 1.a of the Act CLV of 1997 (consumer protection) the following information is provided by the conciliation boards of Hungary:



Bács-Kiskun County Conciliation Board

Address: H-6000 Kecskemét, Árpád krt. 4th

Phone number: 00 36 (76) 501-525, 00 36 (76) 501-500

Fax Number: 00 36 (76) 501-538

Name: Mariann Mátyus

E-mail address:;



Baranya County Conciliation Board

Address: H-7625 Pécs, Imre Majorossy u. 36th

Mailing address: H-7602 Pécs, Pf. 109.

Phone number: 00 36 (72) 507-154

Fax Number: 00 36 (72) 507-152

Name: Dr. Józyef Bodnár

E-mail address:;




Békés County Conciliation Board

Address: H-5601 Békéscsaba, Penza ltp. 5

Phone: 00 36 (66) 324-976, 446-354, 451-775

Fax Number: 00 36 (66) 324-976

Name: Dr. László Bagdi

E-mail address:;



Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Conciliation Board

Address: H-3525 Miskolc, Szentpáli u. First

Phone number: 00 36 (46) 501-091, 501-870

Fax Number: 00 36 (46) 501-099

Name: Dr. Péter Tulipán

E-mail address:;




Budapest Conciliation Board

Address: H-1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99

Phone number: 00 36 (1) 488-2131

Fax Number: 00 36 (1) 488-2186

Name: Dr. György Baranovszky

E-mail address:;




Csongrád County Conciliation Board

Address: H-6721 Szeged, Paris krt. 8-12.

Your phone number: 00 36 (62) 554-250 / extension 118

Fax Number: 00 36 (62) 426-149

Name: László Dékány, Zoltán Jerney

E-mail address:;




Fejér County Conciliation Board

Address: H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Hosszúsetatér 4-6.

Phone number: 00 36 (22) 510-310

Fax Number: 00 36 (22) 510-312

Name: László Kirst

E-mail address:;




Győr-Moson-Sopron County Conciliation Board

Address: H-9021 Győr, Szent István út 10 / a.

Phone: 00 36 (96) 520-202; 520-217

Fax Number: 00 36 (96) 520-218

Name: László Horváth

E-mail address:;




Hajdú-Bihar County Conciliation Board

Address: H-4025 Debrecen, Petőfi square 10.

Phone number: 00 36 (52) 500-749

Fax Number: 00 36 (52) 500-720

Name: Dr. Zsolt Hajnal

E-mail address:;




Heves County Conciliation Board

Address: H-3300 Eger, Faiskola út 15.

Mailing address: H-3301 Eger, pf. 440.

Your phone number: 00 36 (36) 416-660 / extension 105

Fax Number: 00 36 (36) 323-615

Name: Pintérné Tünde Dobó

E-mail address:;




Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Conciliation Board

Address: H-5000 Szolnok, Verseghy park 8.

Phone number: 00 36 (56) 510-610

Fax Number: 00 36 (56) 370-005

Name: Dr. Lajkóné dr. Judit Vígh

E-mail address:;




Komárom-Esztergom County Conciliation Board

Address: H-2800 Tatabánya, Fő tér 36.

Telephone number: 00 36 (34) 513-010

Fax Number: 00 36 (34) 316-259

Name: Dr. György Rozsnyói

E-mail address:;




Nógrád County Conciliation Board

Address: H-3100 Salgótarján, Alkotmány út 9 / a

Phone: 00 36 (32) 520-860

Fax Number: 00 36 (32) 520-862

Name: Dr. Erik Pongó

E-mail address:;




Pest County Conciliation Board

Address: H-1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61. 2. em. 240th

Phone number: 00 36 (1) -269-0703

Fax Number: 00 36 (1) -269-0703

Name: dr. Károly Csanádi

E-mail address:

Website address:




Somogy County Conciliation Board

Address: H-7400 Kaposvár, Anna street 6.

Phone number: 00 36 (82) 501-000

Fax Number: 00 36 (82) 501-046

Name: Dr. Ferenc Novák

E-mail address:;




Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Conciliation Board

Address: H-4400 Nyíregyháza, Széchenyi u. 2.

Phone number: 00 36 (42) 311-544, 00 36 (42) 420-180

Fax Number: 00 36 (42) 311-750

Name: Görömbeiné dr. Katalin Balmaz

E-mail address:;




Tolna County Conciliation Board

Address: H-7100 Szekszárd, Arany J. u. 23-25.

Phone number: 00 36 (74) 411-661

Fax number: 00 36 (74) 411-456

Name: Tibor Mátyás

E-mail address:;




Vas County Conciliation Board

Address: H-9700 Szombathely, Honvéd tér 2.

Telephone number: 00 36 (94) 312-356

Fax Number: 00 36 (94) 316-936

Name: Dr. Zoltán Kövesdi

E-mail address:




Veszprém County Conciliation Board

Address: H-8200 Veszprém, Radnóti tér 1.

Phone number: 00 36 88 / 429-008 or 88 / 814-111 (VKIK - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Veszprém County)

Fax Number: 00 36 88 / 412-150 (VKIK Fax Number)

Name: dr. Csaba Vasvári president (working days can be called from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on 00 36/30 / 608-0270)

Reception hours: on Tuesdays 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, at which time you can call: 00 36 88 / 814-121

E-mail address:





Zala County Conciliation Board

Address: H-8900 Zalaegerszeg, Petőfi street 24.

Phone number: 00 36 (92) 550-513

Fax Number: 00 36 (92) 550-525

Name: dr. Csaba Koczka

E-mail address:






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